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Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

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Storytelling makes you connect with your listeners. When you make yourself vulnerable they realise that they are not alone. The role of being a good storyteller is to be entertaining and engaging and the book shares knowledge on how to construct an engaging story. These are some of the few rules to follow:

  • Always tell your own story but if it’s someones else’s you must be the protagonist.
  • Tell it as you would tell a friend over dinner.
  • Your story needs a 5 second moment when your life is changed – that’s your ending.
  • When using humour try and make your audience laugh at the beginning and before you make them cry.
  • Accept that you’ll likely forget the details of your story, some bits will be inaccurate.

The homework for life exercise in the book is designed to make sure you never run of out of stories. At the end of each day write down a moment in a sentence or two.